Residential Services

Residential Services

No job is too big, nor too small.

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Whether you are a volume builder looking for quality structural design work or a homeowner concerned about your property, our expert team are ready to assist you with a broad range of affordable structural engineering services pertaining to the residential sector.

Our services which include full residential home design, structural inspections, geotechnical services & surveying, storm-water and drainage design, retaining walls, seismic assessments, or peer review reports.

Using our extensive understanding of local and regional authority requirements, we knowledgeably and efficiently manage our residential projects through the various consents procedures.

Our Expertise

  • Full Residential Home Design,
  • Renovations,
  • Structural Inspections,
  • Geotechnical Services,
  • Surveying,
  • Stormwater & Drainage Design,
  • Retaining Walls,
  • Load Bearings Beams,
  • Foundation Design,
  • Timber framed housing,
  • Steel beams and framing,
  • Reinforced concrete design,
  • Constructional Observations,
  • Seismic Engineering,


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